Hello to all our friends!

Karen and Luke continue about their important work of running the world from their secret base in the foothills of majestic and mysterious **** (well, it's secret, isn't it!). World domination is continuing quietly, with many irons in the fire, so to speak.

Work continues apace on the vast store of wine that requires drinking, and the various bits of high speed keyboarding and gif animation that always require doing. The non-car-able garage enclosure is looking cleaner, while the reverse end of the property could do with rather a large amount of blitzing. Celebrations all round several months ago with the impoundment and subsequent demolishment of a number of delinquent neighbourhood moggies, with the resulting disencatification of the area a great relief.

Horizontal tradebook studying remains an important aspect of our overall workload, as well as a general neglect of all things domestic. There is little change on the truckasaurus front.


Love Karen xx